Episode 070: Charging sales tax on digital files

sales tax solo show Jun 09, 2020

On this episode, I answer the question "Are digital files considered tangible items subject to sales tax?" We're building on what we learned in Episode 21 of the podcast, discussing tangible versus intangible goods, and covering how the rules vary state by state. 

Today's question comes to us from the Braden's Besties Facebook group (come join us and ask your questions today!). 

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Episode 022: Q&A 10

sales tax solo show Dec 17, 2019

On this episode, I answer the question "I just sold my first photo album and I collected sales tax. Now what?"

The short answer: Check your state requirements. Most states will allow you to file you online and require you to do so once per year, quarter, or month.

If you need more sales tax info, make sure to circle back episode 21.

I’d also love for you to join the Tax Challenge happening in next month to help you get all your docs ready for tax season.

Episode Transcript

022: (00:01)
Hello and welcome to episode 22 of the unfuck your best podcast. As always, this is your host, Braden. Very excited to have you here today. Today we will be talking a little bit more about sales tax. Get super excited. So last Thursday on the podcast, I interviewed my friend Amy, who is an absolute expert when it comes to sales tax. So we talked about sales tax, a one Oh one. So this topic is of interest to you, or maybe it's not an interest. You could give a shit less about sales tax, but...

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Episode 021: Laying the Groundwork for Understanding Sales Tax

interview sales tax Dec 12, 2019

On this episode, I chat with Amy Monroe about the 101 on sales tax and how to get started understanding the rules as a creative small biz owner and entrepreneur.

Episode Transcript

Braden: (00:01)
Hello and welcome to episode 21 of the unfuck your vis podcast. As always, I am your host, Braden. Super excited to have you here. If you could see the setup we have right now, it would probably be funny, I'll should upload a screenshot to the show notes. Amy and I are like snuggled closely in my office because luckily we both work at the same office building so it makes recording really easy. Uh, what we're going to do today is Amy is a sales tax, just like master mind person. She knows all the things that are needed to know about sales tax. So she is going to walk us through this title episode, laying the groundwork for sales tax. So do a little bit more of a proper introduction. Amy Monroe is a partner or employee. I'm an employee, an employee, but like my boss would love it if I was...

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Episode 020: Q&A 9

interview sales tax Dec 10, 2019

On this episode, I answer the question "Am I supposed to be adding/charging sales tax to my virtual assistant invoices?"

Episode Transcript

Braden: (00:00)
Hello friend and welcome to episode 20 of the unfuck your biz podcast. Today we will be tackling another question just like we do every Tuesday. If you are new to the podcast. The way this works is I take questions in my Facebook group so you can join and ask one, it's called Brayden's besties, B, R, a, D, E. N. so search that on Facebook, join the group and you can ask a question that I may eventually tackle here on the podcast. So today's question is, am I supposed to be adding slash charging sales tax to my VA invoices? I am in California. If you don't know, VA stands for virtual assistant. So virtual assistants will typically do any kind of small business management tasks. They work on social media management, they can do email management, calendaring, all that kind of stuff. Some graphic design, you get the picture.


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