Hi! I'm Braden.

Your gay best friend here to help you bake up more profit while protecting it with solid legal, tax, and financial strategies.



Taxes are terrifying, and no one wants to get sued. BUT, you shouldn't need a law degree or a master's in accounting to be the CEO of your own business. And you shouldn't have to rely on an Uncle Bob, Google, or strangers on Facebook to answer your questions. Ready for some more cold, hard facts? Here are my core beliefs:

1) The money side of your business doesn't have to suck.

You are the CFO of your business. Others can help, but no one is going to take ownership of your passion as much as you. The good news is that it does not totally have to suck. I can't promise that I'll make P&Ls as fun as TikTok. But I'll sure as shit try. 

2) What? Like it's hard!? If Elle can do it, you can do it.

In law school, I had a mantra. "If Elle can do it, I can do it." And if I can do it, you totally can too. Here's the deal. You're a smart cookie. Unlike Elle, you don't need to know what subject matter jurisdiction is to kill it. I'm here to breakdown the essentials.

3) You don't need a corner office attorney to get legit.

Google and Facebook Groups can be a dumpster fire for advice & "research" on legal, tax, and money topics, but you also don't need to hire a boring asshole to mansplain to you in his suit while you swallow your rage staring out of his 39th story window. 

If you're feeling like . . .

  • You put in a lot of work for little personal (financial) reward;
  • You just don't know what you don't know when it comes to legal & tax obligations;
  • Your overwhelmed every tax season and don't know why; or
  • You're not sure the real essential steps to create a business that can build true wealth

... well then, you have come to the right place friend.

Enter, Braden (that's me!), your gay best friend, but an attorney who can also help you with the money stuff.


Well aside from being fun, fabulous, the most smart, and humble, I'm an attorney and tax professional whose hobby happens to be whipping up fab resources for fellow business owners.


Honestly, I'd love to just delete this section, but I also want you to know that I'm not some random guy on the internet trying to sell some stuff.

I graduated from law school in San Diego, & took and passed the bar exam. 💅 That makes me an official lawyer. After that, I went and got my master's degree in tax law while working for H&R Block part time. It was a party. 🥳

Then, I started a law firm, worked 1-on-1 with 100+ creative small biz owners. I discovered that I loved teaching and empowering entrepreneurs to kick ass in business.

To help more people like you unf*ck your biz, I begin creating online, free & paid resources.


I'm an Enneagram 7. Entrepreneurship is my passion, but as a 7, I, of course, have many other interests including collecting some fancy-ass cookware, running, CrossFit, Pokemon, and Harry Potter, obvi.

My fashion influence is Victoria Beckham, but like if she decided to really commit to atheleisure wear and Birkenstocks.

In undergrad my majors were political science and Russian. I also studied German, business, and Ukrainian just for funsies.

I have a handsome husband who works as a District Attorney prosecuting hate crimes here in San Diego, and we have three adorable little dogs.


Growing up, I always loved HGTV and art. I dabbled in graphic design with little success.

I taught myself to knit, poorly. I was a sales associate for West Elm where I had difficulty designing for anyone that had different taste from myself. I even once bought DSLR, shot on auto for a year, gave up and sold it.

Why do I tell you these things? I have many times tried and failed to be a "creative" myself.

While it doesn't take much talent to have a creative hobby, it definitely takes skill and practice to monetize a creative passion and turn it into a career.

By working with creatives, I am able to use my skill in law and tax while also vicariously working in the creative industry through all of you amazing creativepreneurs. That's why I love what I do.


If you're just getting acclimated around here, you may want to start by diving into some of my free resources. You'll learn something new. I promise.


Tune into to one my podcast episodes where you're sure to learn from me or one of my guests.



Do people still read blog? I think so. Here I cover what's really hard to really explain through just audio.


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