Episode 220: The HR Side of Hiring for Your Business

hiring inteview Mar 31, 2022

On today's episode of the podcast I chat with Kira La Forgia, owner of Paradigm Consulting, about hiring and HR. 


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Kira's experience in sales and HR led her to create her own hiring consulting company which assists business owners with their questions on everything from When do I hire? to How do I delegate? to When does that hire turn into an employee? Recently, Kira shared her case study on the working with The Boss Project, sharing that hiring often leads to growth and more hiring. For example, 6 months ago Abby and Emily from The Boss Project had 6 employees and now they are coming up on 12. Hiring grows quickly after your first hire. 


A popular opinion among business owners seems to be that working with employees is more...

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Episode 180: Contractor Laws By State

hiring solo show Jun 24, 2021

On today's episode I wrap up the Hiring Series discussing contractor laws by state and what you need to make sure you're legally hiring.


Click here to read this episode as a full blog post, "Contractor Laws State-By-State."

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Episode 179: How Much to Pay Your Contractors or Associates

hiring interview Jun 17, 2021

On today's episode I chat with Emily Loeppke, Principal and Founder of Anna Delores Photography about how much to pay your contractors as you grow your team.


Emily was doing paid advertising on every blog she could, networking at local events, and building her relationships with wedding planners which lead to her having a fully booked wedding photography schedule and knowing it was time to hire.


As Emily grew her team of second shooters, she started by calling them associates but transitioned to keeping that an internal term, understanding the importance of calling them the team or lead photographer because they are not any less than and she wanted to avoid clients feeling like these photographers were not all equal members of the photography team.


The question Emily was facing was if her team should be employees or associates (more on this in Episode 177). Emily started by paying her contractors on an as-needed basis per job. She would pay them a booking bonus...

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Episode 178: Getting Started Building a Team

hiring interview Jun 10, 2021

On today's episode I chat with Ashley Ebert, Co-Founder at The Abundance Group + Owner of The Simply Elegant Group, about what goes into successfully hiring a team.


Ashley started hiring 6 months into her business by hiring a contractor and now has part-time and full-time salaried employees and helps other businesses hire and grow their own team of employees.


The biggest challenge is overcoming mental hurdles/mindset blocks to hiring whether it's thinking that you

- wouldn't be good leader (leadership is a skill, not a personality trait)

- don't want to be a boss (being a boss opens up freedom for you to do the parts of your business you love)

- can't afford (start with a small position you can afford and build the role)

- it's my art (hiring a team does not mean you need to lose creative control of your business. It means training someone so your creativity can be in multiple places at once).


Don't wait until you're 100% booked to start hiring. If you wait...

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Episode 177: Do Your Contractors Need to Be Employees?

hiring solo show Jun 03, 2021

On this episode, we're kicking off the Hiring Series with a look at California's strict independent contractor laws, its most recent amendments and exceptions, and how the law is paving the way for changes on a federal level.


When someone is classified as an employee it means their taxes are withheld by their employer, something that the state favors over contractors who come with the risk of not reporting all their income on their tax returns. Even if you are not in California, the California law has paved the way for independent contractor laws nationwide. Currently at Congress, the House has already passed a bill called the PRO Act that is being debated in the Senate. For more info, check out my blog post on AB5 and dealing with California's new contractor laws.


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