Episode 229: May Profit Report

biz entities sales tax Jun 02, 2022

On today’s episode of the Unf*ck Your Biz with Braden podcast I share my May profit report, breaking down my revenue, expenses, and if I hit my monthly goals. If you haven't already, check out episode 225 where I give April's profit report and share my May goals.


My goal for the year was to hit $15,000 a month in revenue. I hit that goal in January and have not hit it since. Doing these profit reports not only, hopefully, provide you insight into the profit of a fellow business owner, they also help me review my own profit and also get me a better understanding of my baseline revenue. To me, baseline revenue is the number we can hit by doing whatever it is we do consistently every week. I encourage every business owner to learn and track their baseline number. For me, these consistent tasks are putting out a podcast episode each week, sending out a weekly email, posting a social post for the podcast, a mild average amount of Facebook interaction, one speaking engagement a week average, and typically Instagram stories daily. A lot of my base revenue comes from my monthly membership. Right now it's close to $7,000 and then I tend to make an extra $2,000 a month from the other things I sell. Trying to go over my baseline of $9,000 requires extra promotion like a launch of some kind or an email promotion which requires me to work more than my usual default.


Last week on the podcast I shared my interview from Claire Pelletreau's podcast where we talk about how I get paid and Claire posed the question of how special promotions impact or take away attention from the typical promotion of my usual products.


I decided to make May a chill month. I was traveling and it was Memorial Day and I decided I wasn't going to do any of the "extra" or "bonus" work that goes into getting above the baseline.


To recap my May goals:

-        $6,300 MRR (monthly recurring revenue)

-        $400 in Speaking fees

-        $2,000 in affiliate commissions from my sales of The Abundance Group

-        $900 in 30 Contract Vault sales. I contemplated a price increase promotion, but decided against it.


So now let's talk about what ACTUALLY happened.

  1. MRR is now at $6,950. 🥳 with 9 new members. Yay!

  2. $1,470 in Vault Sales (49)

  3. Book: $110

  4. Affiliate Income: $450

  5. Other: $567

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