Episode 178: Getting Started Building a Team

hiring interview Jun 10, 2021

On today's episode I chat with Ashley Ebert, Co-Founder at The Abundance Group + Owner of The Simply Elegant Group, about what goes into successfully hiring a team.


Ashley started hiring 6 months into her business by hiring a contractor and now has part-time and full-time salaried employees and helps other businesses hire and grow their own team of employees.


The biggest challenge is overcoming mental hurdles/mindset blocks to hiring whether it's thinking that you

- wouldn't be good leader (leadership is a skill, not a personality trait)

- don't want to be a boss (being a boss opens up freedom for you to do the parts of your business you love)

- can't afford (start with a small position you can afford and build the role)

- it's my art (hiring a team does not mean you need to lose creative control of your business. It means training someone so your creativity can be in multiple places at once).


Don't wait until you're 100% booked to start hiring. If you wait that long then you don't have time to hire and onboard your employee(s)properly.  Instead, it will be less stressful to do around 75% mark. Document your hours to get a better understanding of time spent on projects and what areas an assistant or other employee could help your business. Be sure to have strong onboarding measures in place, such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), to set your new hire up for success.


Hiring comes with increased cost - wages, taxes, payroll management software, etc. When you hire, it often goes hand-in-hand with increasing your prices to cover costs of the the new employee without you and your business needed to take a huge hit to your profit.


Don't get stuck procrastiresearching, do the research on hiring in your area and jump in, there's always some to be figured out along the way.



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Ashley Ebert, Co-Founder at The Abundance Group + Owner of The Simply Elegant Group

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