Episode 146: Recapping the Money Series

On this episode I'm bringing an official end to The Money Series by recapping the financial information and resources my guests and I have shared over the last couple months.


Today on the podcast we’re bringing an official end to The Money Series. If you’re new to the podcast, my guests and I have been sharing information and resources for the last couple of months about money – everything from increasing sales to bookkeeping to taxes. These topics can seem like a total drag, but they’re critical to our business success and I only have fun friends who can make something as stressful as back taxes sound exciting!


I’m rounding-up 10 of the top tips my guests and I shared over the last couple of months and giving you the next step to take after The Money Series – Unfuck Your Finance, available this week only.


To listen to the full episode of the money tips shared on today's episode, check out the following


  1. Episode 123 – How to research competitor pricing

  2. Episode 134 – 3 Ways to Add More Revenue to Your Business

  3. Episode 120 - Getting started with cash flow management

  4. Episode 125 - The difference between cost of goods & expenses

  5. Episode 130 - Your tax write-off and bookkeeping questions

  6. Episode 132 – Owning the CFO Role in Your Business  

  7. Episode 138 - Back taxes 101 & how to get caught up

  8. Episode 122- How much you need to pay yourself

  9. Episode 135 – Balancing debt payoff and savings

  10. Episode 140 – Retirement planning 101 for creative entrepreneurs

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