Episode 134: 3 ways to add more revenue to your business

biz entities inteview Jan 21, 2021

On this episode, my guest, Maria Bayer, sales and mindset strategist, coach, wealth builder, and creator of Irresistible Seeking, shares three ways to add more revenue to your business.


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After achieving over $25 million in software sales, Maria spoke with a group of photographers about selling and the rest was history. Maria has spent the last 8+ years teaching Irresistible Selling to wedding professionals and creatives.


1) There's money you can be making in your business right now without needing to be looking for new clients. The easiest person in the world to sell to is a current client because you've already built the trust. Check in with your current clients to schedule a virtual coffee date. The goal of this meeting, even if their wedding or whatever you're helping them with isn't for several more months, is to listen for pain points you can help them with and additional services you have that they might need. Even if you've already sold them, it doesn't mean their needs have not evolved since you were hired. For example, if you've sold a couple a wedding photography package you may offer additional services such as rehearsal dinner, bach party, or brunch photography. If you're a wedding planner, they may extend their contract with you beyond day-of services or change a one month contract to a longer one because they're struggling to get started planning,


If going back and upselling feels icky, approach it from a place of "How can I best serve them?" Your wedding clients don't know what they don't know and you are doing them a disservice if you don't offer them what they truly need.


Ask questions to really understand clients' needs so you can best serve them. For example, "Why do you want to hire a professional web designer instead of designing it yourself?" or "Why hire me over somebody on Upwork who can do it for half the price?" You want your client to feel heard. This will also help you as a service provider know what to focus on.


2) After current clients, the next audience to target is past clients. Similar to going back and asking for a referral, you want to email your previous clients or write them a handwritten note. Let them know you enjoyed working with them and that you have not kept them up-to-date on all the services you offer. List the services and the benefits of them so it helps the client see why they should care about your services. Focus on what your products will do for them. Ask them if they have any friends or colleagues that they may recommend your services to.


There are ways to create follow-up services in a way you love and leverage all the work you've put into the clients you already have instead of doing the heavy lifting again to find new clients.


Post-COVID there are going to be new opportunities for follow-up like receptions, anniversaries, etc.


3) Get referrals from your previous clients. Maria suggests using a strategy a relator friend of hers implements, sending monthly newsletters in the mail with home-related information, and small gifts once a quarter.


Keep in touch and up-to-date with past clients by following and engaging with them on social media so you stay top-of-mind.


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