Episode 201: The Profit Rx

other legal solo show Nov 18, 2021

In this episode I am going to tell you more about The Profit Rx and why you should join, but I'm also sharing with you why I've made the change.

I had previous programs. One of my programs was called Fundamentals. It was a monthly membership. I also had Unf*ck Your Biz, the course which has now been retired. Both of these programs have been retired. Fundamentals, Fundamentals, Um, I initially created. It was supposed to be a program more for newer business owners. It didn't really turn out that way, like my goal was to create Fundamentals, a monthly program that then prepared people to join Unf*ck Your Biz. But what ended up happening was that I drastically changed the Fundamentals content last year I would say during COVID but that's still a thing at the time of recording this podcast.

But once we went on lockdown in the wedding industry in particular, the events industry was dealing with all of the Um, COVID-related contract cancellations, postponements, refunds, and all of that, so I really beefed up all my contract templates. I was talking a lot about how to properly communicate with clients. navigate these situations and I, uh I basically recreated an entire program inside of Fundamentals on how to manage that. Um. It was pretty successful. I think at one time we had, we picked up like seventy five members in that monthly program, which was amazing, but it really was um. specific to those kind of issues. I realized looking back, it would still be a great program for a lot of people to go through, but the messaging was all about navigating those situations.

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