Episode 181: The Importance of Clear, Detailed Contracts

contracts interview Jul 01, 2021

On today's episode, my guest, Danait Berhe, Founder & Brand Strategist of The Asmara Agency, shares her insight on evolving your contract as your business grows.


Offering a wide scope of services from logo and web design to brand refreshes, Danait's scope of services changes for each and every client which means each client is getting their own custom contract.


Clarity is key when it comes to contracts. Start by spelling out all the details in your proposal before the contract so your client understands what they will be getting and the timeline for the project to be completed so this way you can accommodate and charge for any changes as you move them into the contract and need to charge additional rates for faster results.


Be sure to include:

-updated scope of services - define what they're getting out of the services

-project schedule - detailed timeline of when to expect client responses and what happens if the client does not respond by the specified time in the contract

-payment details - when is each round of payment due and what happens if they do not pay on time

-additional services provision and timelines

-client on-boarding process - lay out expectations, communication styles, and how your clients can expect to hear from you.


For each additional update to the contract, start by sending a new proposal and then making amendments to the contract. BE super clear in your proposal and contract to avoid your own headaches and also headaches for your client. Keep in mind the Entire Agreement Clause, which says that only what's in the contract is part of the contract. For example, if you put in a proposal or an email one thing but it's not in the contract, then it does not apply to the contract.


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