Episode 165: Getting Stuck with Overcomplication

other legal solo show Apr 15, 2021

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"Your systems are only as good as your ability to manage them." This is the mantra I often tell myself. Sometimes we start off very well-intentioned, and then we get overwhelmed with choices and burned out because we've created too much for ourselves.


We do this with the legal and tax aspects too. We get really well-intentioned, maybe it's with setting up Quick Books and getting our bookkeeping in order with sub accounts and then we realize we've created an over-complicated system. I also see this with legal systems, for example people starting out their business and immediately becoming an S-Corp.


This is why I developed the Unf*ck Your Biz framework to teach you step-by-step about quarterly tax, legal entities, creating systems to pay back taxes, cash flow and opening bank accounts, setting up your contracts, organizing your bookkeeping and how to do it, and more strategic steps for getting your business unf*cked.


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