Episode 145: Unf*ck Your Finance

biz entities solo show Mar 02, 2021


On this episode I share more about my personal history with finances and how my Unf*ck Your Finance course came to be.


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For my 30th birthday I was on a trip and on the airplane of all places I started crunching my business numbers to calculate my profitability. What I learned was that about 60-70% of all of my business income was going back into business expenses each month and that was wayyy too high for my service-based business that should have low overhead. I went back and started cutting expenses I didn't need to have, including trading my $1,000/month WeWork for a home office which has worked for the last year and a half.


My ability to contribute more to the bills provided more income for my husband to have his dream home. I kept telling myself, "When I make more money" or "I'll be there next year," but I was just kicking the can down the road. It wasn't that I needed to only bring in more money so much as I needed to better allocate the money I was currently brining in. A year and a half later we are now in escrow for our dream home.


In this process I learned I had really terrible credit and personal finances. When I was in law school I bought my Mini Cooper, Meryl, on a 21% interest car loan which looking back I'm surprised is even legal. It was a 5 year loan for a $9,000 car and ended up putting about $18,000 into that car in the end. In the past six months I've been actively working on getting my credit score up. I signed up for Credit Karma, read personal finance books, and when I started looking into it I discovered an AT&T bill in collections that I paid off, after that I got a secured credit card which means you have to put your credit limit down. I did that for a month or two until my credit score got high enough to get a credit card and now my credit score has gone up about 80 points. I'm not the person to tell you how to build perfect credit, I still don't have excellent credit and am in this journey still myself.


I've been polling friends as there are a lot of competing philosophies on what order to pay off student debt, mortgages, back taxes, etc. I've collected this data and I've put it into my Unf*ck Your Finance course with the facts. I've created a system for you to create your own financial milestones, anything from pay off back taxes to paying off student loans. The program gives you the tools to prioritize your savings goals, payoff credit cards, etc. The goal is to give you the information to set your goals and give you guidance on how to create a system to reach your goals, calculate interest rates, automate tax savings, etc.


The course is a twin course to Unf*ck Your Biz. Unf*ck your Biz helps you get your cash flow in order to then get your finances in order with Unf*ck Your Finance. The original idea of this program was only going to be open to my Unf*ck Your Biz alumni students and that's the longterm plan for now. This week only, you can get the course now through March 5th for only $99 (a $500 value) AND it's one of just 30 courses from other small business educators you'll get as part of the bundle. It's a steal of a deal.


And, if you sign up through this link you'll get access to the course live meaning once a week we'll have a live call to go over each module.


Questions about the course? DM me on Instagram @bradenadamdrake

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