Episode 144: An Educator's Roundtable - Part 1

biz entities interview Feb 25, 2021

On this episode I chat with Brenda Cadman, Gabby Pinkerton and Henry Chen, educators in the Profitable Pro Bundle, about the upcoming Profitable Pro bundle and how it can help your business.


Where do you need the most help in your business? Today I chat with 3 of the 30 educators sharing their educational content in the Profitable Pro Bundle on what they offer and tips to help you identify what areas of your business you need improvement and guidance.


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By focusing on one course or workshop at a time you will see stronger results implementing one skill at a time. This Profitable Pro features tons of new, exclusive content that's never before been launched.


A few tips our pros shares on the episode and will expand on during their courses in the bundle are: content strategy and how it relates to your Pinterest and driving traffic, branding and fonts (script fonts do not read well on the internet), and how to keep your branding and messaging consistent throughout.


All courses aren't going to be relevant for everyone, but one or two courses alone pay for themselves at the just $97 price for the entire bundle. The bundle is a great investment for your business and for members of your team to learn about areas relevant to what they work on.


Get to Know Our Guests

Brenda Cadman - Website and Canva educator shares about her Canva 101 Mini Course, focusing on its uses as a business communication tool

Gabby Pinkerton - Wedding Planner and Pinterest educator shares about her Tailwind mini course and using the Pinterest management tool to schedule content effectively and build your audience using Tailwind Communities

Henry Chen - Wedding photographer and communications educator shares about helping businesses connect with clients using texts and chat systems


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