Episode 142: Identifying and Honoring Core Values in Your Business

Description - On this episode I chat with Crystal Whiteaker, founder of Crystal Lily Creative, about core values and inclusion in your business.

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Crystal is a wedding photographer with a diverse portfolio who uses her experience to help businesses identify their core values and become more inclusive. It's a time to have uncomfortable conversations and admit uncomfortable things about you and your business which will lead to growth.


Core Values Challenge

  1. Narrow down your core business values. 3 - 5 is a good range because you can share what's most important to your business in 3 - 5 words and then do offshoots from there. If you're struggling, Crystal includes a list of examples in her Core Values training.

  2. Define what those values mean for you and your clients

  3. Think about how you are going to use these values to create content. Introduce your values to your audience, tell them what they mean to you, why they're important, and how they're going to benefit from them. Use them to set a theme for each week of content.


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You should be able to identify where inclusion shows up in your core values. How can you share it through your values? When you are clear about your values and how you want to show up to your business, you will naturally attract what's connected to those values and your brand will feel more authentic.

Check in on your core values - am I honoring them in the decisions I'm making about my business? How are they being honored? What did I do today to honor any and all of those values? Continuously take stock of your values to make sure you are connecting to them and note if they need to be updated.


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