Episode 139: What to look for in a tax preparer

income tax interview Feb 09, 2021

On this episode of the podcast I ask Theresa Speights, tax attorney and manager of resolutions at Community Tax LLC in Chicago, about what you should look for when hiring a tax preparer.


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What to look for in a tax preparer:

1. Never hire anyone who says they're going to be able to get you a huge refund. Eventually you will get audited and you will owe a lot of money.

2. Just because they are on the IRS website as someone you can go to doesn't mean they are good at their job. Ask anyone who refers you about their experience.

3. If you have simple taxes, like a W2, you will be fine at places like Liberty Tax or H&R Block.  If you have more complicated matters it's best to hire a CPA.

4. Ask good questions. Learn if they are more aggressive or conservative when preparing your taxes. For example are they stretching your deductions, or highlighting when you may have gone too far with expenses you want to deduct?

5. Be familiar with your books. Even if you have a bookkeeper, familiarize yourself with the expenses so no deductions from your tax preparer are too surprising


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