Episode 001: Welcome to the Unf*ck Your Biz Podcast

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2019

On this episode, I share a bit of info about what the Unf*ck Your Biz podcast is all about, and how I hope to help you become a more tax and legal savvy entrepreneur.

Why the New Podcast

I began my podcasting journey with the Creativepreneur Podcast, which you can still find on your podcast app under Get Your Shit Legit with Braden.

Long story short, I did a rebrand that was a disaster, that led to another last minute rebrand, and the podcast just kind of became a mess.

I also realized that while I had some amazing guests on the show, they weren’t very in line with my business, which is all about helping creatives get the legal and tax bits and pieces of their businesses up to speed.

Thus, I decided to make this pivot. My goal is to truly help you kick some ass in your business by bringing some fun and clarity to some often confusing, dark, and scary topics.

I’m super pumped to begin this journey with you. Throughout the episodes, we will explore the Unf*ck Your Biz Framework, a system I created to help you get your legal and tax shit legit.


The plan is to have two episodes per week. The first episode will be bite sized legal and tax tips. I will take questions from our Facebook Group (please join and check that out) and give general answers each Tuesday.

Then, on Thursday, I’ll have longer format episodes and interviews all focused on legal topics, taxes, and money management.

Hopefully you love the pod. If you’re diggin it, please subscribe and leave a review.


Your legal and tax gay best friend, Braden

The Full Episode Transcript

Braden: (00:01)
Hello and welcome to episode one of the unfuck your biz podcast with Brayden. I am so excited to have you here. My name is Brayden. I'm going to give you a little bit of information in this episode about myself, about the purpose of this podcast, what my goals are, how it's going to help you, and how we're going to move forward on this journey together. And I'm very, very excited. So if you've already been following me for a little while, you might know that I had a previous podcast that was under a couple of different names because I went through a rebrand. I got through I think 35 episodes on what was the creative preneur podcast and I ended up deciding through a lot of brainstorming and discussion with my good business friends and my mastermind group that it was time for a pivot. And the reason why that was is because I was having some amazing guests on some great conversations talking about, you know, how to grow your Instagram in order to get clients, how to market yourself on Pinterest, how to handle things like time management and client disputes.

Braden: (01:06)
And all of these great general topics that we all need, but it kind of dawned on me after some discussion that you can get information on those topics all over the place. I am a local leader for our local rising tide society and we talk about these types of topics every month, but it should be obvious to you if you know me already, my core areas of expertise are legal and tax topics, so I'm a small business attorney, a here in California. I'm licensed to practice law in California. I also have a master's degree in tax, previous work experience with H and R block and I handle all things from contracts, LLCs in business formation, tax filing, quarterly taxes, all of these sorts of topics for small business creatives. And I talked about that a little bit on my previous podcasts but not a whole lot.

Braden: (01:59)
And so I decided to make this pivot and to a relaunch with this new podcast in order to fit into the ecosystem that I'm creating with my brand a little bit better and to give you all some valuable information that frankly is not very available. On a free basis out there in the world. So you can Google a lot of these topics. You're going to get a mix of information, some good, some bad, but you can of course hire an attorney, hire a CPA. But uh, what I can promise you is that even if these topics sound boring, they're not going to get much more fun than this podcast. I think at least modesty aside, I try to make it as interesting as I can. So that's why we're doing this new podcast. My goal, or my objective, I should say, is to do two episodes a week where the first episode I will be addressing questions that I get inside of my Facebook group.

Braden: (02:55)
So if any of you want to check that out, it's called Brayden's besties. My name is spelled B, R. a. D. E. N. so Brayden's besties on Facebook create helping creatives get their legal and tax shit legit. So when you join that, you'll see the first question is, what is a legal or tax question that you have in your business? And what I've done is I started saving all of those questions in a spreadsheet and every Tuesday I'm going to do a short episode, hopefully no more than 10 minutes, but I'm going to try to keep them around five minutes where I simply answer a couple of those questions so you can join, ask your question and it might be featured on the podcast. So those will be our bite-size legal and tax tips on Tuesday. And then my plan is to do longer format episodes on Thursdays.

Braden: (03:41)
So I'll do some solo shows where I talk about my areas of expertise and then I want to bring in some guests that have complimentary information to what I'm offering. So I have a good friend who does trademarks, she crushes it, she knows all of the things about copyright and how to protect your brand. Trademark as well. I have another attorney friend that's gonna come on and talk about some trending up legal topics so we can dive into, you know, like what's happening with Kim Kardashians, latest trademark dispute, that sort of stuff. I'm going to have some guests come on and talk about employment law, GDPR issues. I have a friend that will come and chat with you about all things sales tax because while I do know enough sales tax to be dangerous, it's not really right in my wheel house at this moment. So Amy will come and teach you about that.

Braden: (04:31)
I have another friend who will come on to talk to us about personal finance and retirement planning. So lots of exciting stuff happening. If you have checked out my website recently, you'll notice that I now have, I call it the unfuck your biz framework. So I am teaching that I will be creating a course on the unfuck your best framework. I'm talking about it and the idea of the framework is that I most often work with small business creatives who have been in business for a few years, but realized they'd done some stuff wrong. So they need to unpack that stuff and start from scratch. And that's what I'm doing inside of my law firm through one-on-one services. And inside my course in what I will do on the podcast is kind of walked through some of the areas inside of the framework. So part of my framework is educating you on cash flow.

Braden: (05:27)
So I have learned through trying to get small business owners to pay their quarterly taxes that it's really hard to do because what happens is if we don't have our personal finances in check, if we don't have good cash flow systems set up, then we never really feel like we're at a point where we can start stashing away money to pay our taxes. So the first thing we need to do is to get our cashflow in order, take our profit distributions, set aside money for our owner's compensation, pay our expenses, all this good stuff, and then we can get a system for taxes. The same type of concepts apply to contracts and escorts and all these other things. So I will talk about all of those topics that are within my framework and then the things that are complimentary to those topics like retirement planning.

Braden: (06:12)
And intellectual property, I've, we'll bring in guests to talk about it. So that is the idea. That's kind of the format of the podcast. Um, I'm hoping that you love it. I hope that you stick around. I really hope that you subscribe. So I would love it if you would subscribe to the podcast so you know when each new episode is out and leave a review. So listen to these first few episodes, Libris review. It's very much appreciated. Uh, Apple and all of the podcast apps do us a lot of favors and when we get good reviews, so that's always appreciated. And then if you want to really get into the conversation, join the Facebook group. Again, it's Brayden's besties. Go join me over there and we can have a dialogue and get a roll in all of the fun, legal and tax topics. So I think I'm starting to ramble. That's my cue that this episode needs to end. So I will see you, or rather, I will be in your ear buds for episode two. Thanks so much and have a great day.

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