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Are you either a new business owner or feel pretty new to legal stuff? And do contracts bring you into a sweat induced panic?

 Maybe you feel like you need help to prevent these calamities, but you don't even know where to start other than Googling "what do I need to do when I start a new business?"

Well that search won't give you very specific results. You need help specific to your industry from someone that understands where you're coming from.

When we really break it down, your legal steps to get started are simple:

✅ Implement layers of protection to keep yourself out of trouble;

✅ Obtain the necessary licenses to form your sole proprietorship.

That's where Legally Launched comes in.

You'll check off those essentials now. When you're ready, you can take the next step into an LLC, trademarks, and more.

You'll start by watching the recorded trainings.

Legally Launched is designed to get you up and running quickly. You'll start by watching about 45 of minutes of recorded trainings from yours truly.

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Then, you'll go through the course guides for implementation.

Legally Launched includes a PDF guide book, contract payment term templates, and video tutorials for your EIN, seller's permit, business license, and DBA.


Your Legally Launched Action Plan:

👊 Obtain/update your business insurance using the tips provided in the training;

👊 Update your contract payment terms using my templates to help you get & stay paid;

👊 Legally form your sole proprietorship using the Small Business Blueprint guide and video tutorials.

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