The Contract Vault

Get every contract template all in one place.


Are you constantly making updates to your contracts? Or is it on your to-do list without ever actually getting done?

Let's fix that, shall we.

 We have all had, or will have...

🤬 A client who won't pay;

😳 The client who oversteps; and

🙄 The client who just doesn't get it.

A solid contract can solve all these problems.

And, in a worst case scenario, you may need to resolve problems with a cancellation agreement, postponement contract, or release agreement.

That's where the Contract Vault comes in.

It's a bank of templates & trainings for your to: 

✅ quickly get your contracts up to speed; and

✅ to reference on an as needed basis when extenuating circumstances arise.

Take a quick video tour.

You probably don't want to learn about contracts. I get that. But, I have videos to just give you the info you need to know to edit the templates as needed.


Your Action Plan:

👊 Learn the basic structure of a contract so you feel competent making needed updates;

👊 Create your contract by piecing together all the templated language provided;

👊 Work the contract into a more thoughtful onboarding process;

👊 Pull dispute resolution templates and other agreements as needed;

👊 Get help in our free Facebook Group when you have questions.

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