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All the templates you need. All in one place. All for one price.

Just pay the cover and you're in for life.


Are you constantly making updates to your contracts? Or is it on your to-do list without ever actually getting done?

Let's fix that, shall we.

 We have all had, or will have...

🤬 A client who won't pay;

😳 The client who oversteps; and

🙄 The client who just doesn't get it.

A solid contract can solve all these problems.

And, in a worst case scenario, you may need to resolve problems with a cancellation agreement, postponement contract, or release agreement.

That's where the Contract Club comes in.

It's a back stage pass to grab all the templates & trainings you need to: 

✅ quickly get your contracts up to speed; and

✅ to reference on an as needed basis when extenuating circumstances arise.

Take a quick video tour.

You probably don't want to learn about contracts. I get that. But, I have videos to just give you the info you need to know to edit the templates as needed.


Your Action Plan:

👊 Learn the basic structure of a contract so you feel competent making needed updates;

👊 Create your contract by piecing together all the templated language provided;

👊 Work the contract into a more thoughtful onboarding process;

👊 Pull dispute resolution templates and other agreements as needed;

👊 Get help in our free Facebook Group when you have questions.

What Club Insiders Are Saying...

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The people are lovin' it.

That's 500+ sales in the 6 months the Club has been open.

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A real life survey response (she's not wrong)...

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Only $30!? But why would you do that Braden, here's why...

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