I could type a lot about the spreadsheets, but it's easier just to show you.

This is one of four videos from the mini course that you get alongside your templates.


The Three Sheets You Get

The I&E Tracker

Tracking your income and expenses are the starting point. It's a must for taxes, but it's good to break down the numbers a bit more like by income category. This gives you better insights into your finances.

P&L Snapshot

At the close of each month, you pull your numbers from the I&E tracker to your Profit and Loss Snapshot for a quick at-a-glance view of your revenue, expenses, profit, and other key details.


Same tax deductions require more details, like a travel log for overnight, away-from-home trips and a mileage log to take a deduction for those business miles on your car. Use the simple logs to track it.

The Course

"Course" might be a strong word. It's really one, 10ish minute video training on some of my finance philosophies to get you headed in the right direction.

Then, you follow the three subsequent tutorials to setup and get rolling with your spreadsheets. Easy peasy.