Unf*ck Your Biz With Braden

Unf*ck Your Biz With Braden

Hosted by: Braden Drake

On the podcast, we breakdown all the legal, tax, and money related stuff you need to be getting done in your small business.

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179 - How Much to Pay Your Contractors or Associates

Episode #179

On today's episode I chat with Emily Loeppke, Principal and Founder of Anna Delores Photography about how much to pay your contractors as you grow your team.   Emily was doing paid advertising on every blog she could,...
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178 - Getting Started Building a Team

Episode #178

On today's episode I chat with Ashley Ebert, Co-Founder at The Abundance Group + Owner of The Simply Elegant Group, about what goes into successfully hiring a team.   Ashley started hiring 6 months into her business...
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177 - Do Your Contractors Need to Be Employees?

Episode #177

On this episode, we're kicking off the Hiring Series with a look at California's strict independent contractor laws, its most recent amendments and exceptions, and how the law is paving the way for changes on a...
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176 - It's Time for Me to Pivot

Episode #176

Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere or changing the core of what I teach. What I am doing is pivoting my business model to better serve you. This Spring I offered my Unf*ck Your Biz signature course for the third time...
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175 - 5 Steps to Manage Small Business Sales Tax

Episode #175

Today on the podcast we are reairing episode 63 of the podcast where my friend, and sales tax expert, Amy Monroe shares the five steps to manage small business sales taxes.   1.  Where do you need to collect tax (do I...
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174 - Laying the Groundwork for Understanding Sales Tax 101

Episode #174

When a business is in the business of selling something, chances are they have a sales tax filing obligation. Sales tax is a consumptive tax, based on consumer consumption of tangible personal property.   As a...
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173 - Cart Close!

Episode #173

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172 - Unf*ck Your Biz Student Q&A

Episode #172

On this episode of the podcast, my Unf*ck Your Biz alumni answer commonly asked questions about their experiences with the program. To learn more about the course visit Unfuckyourbiz.com   If you’ve been listening to...
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171 - The Ohh Shit Cycle - Continued

Episode #171

On this episode of the podcast I share my own personal experience on the Oh Shit cycle of back taxes.   This episode is brought to you by my new FREE Masterclass, "The Most Common Legal and Tax Mistake at Each Stage...
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170 - Q&A

Episode #170

This episode is brought to you by my new FREE Masterclass, "The Most Common Legal and Tax Mistake at Each Stage of Business and How to Avoid Them." In this Masterclass you will learn if it's time to go from a sole...
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169 - Managing the Mailbox Panic

Episode #169

On this episode of the podcast I talk abut what types of mail may be headed your way in regard to business documents and what you can expect to find when opening your mailbox.   This episode is brought to you by my...
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168 - Learning the Ins and Outs of DIYing the Tax and Legal Aspects of Your Business

Episode #168

On this episode of the podcast I chat with Karen Escobar, owner of Golden Coast Marketing about her process through the UnF*ck Your Biz course fully setting up her business for success.   This episode is brought to...
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