314 - Unveiling our new signature service

On today's episode of the podcast I'm introducing you to Unf*ck Your Biz, a step-by-step, done-for-you service to get your legal + tax shit in order once and for all.

This is a new version of Unf*ck Your Biz, now offered as a signature service for the first time. To learn more visit unfuckyourbiz.com,

First, let me share the back story on Unf*ck Your Biz (UYB). In 2018 I came up with the concept at a live mastermind event in Austin, TX. The people at my table were asking me questions and I said business owners would often come to me once their biz was already fucked and I helped them unfuck it and the idea clicked from there. My friend Meghan asked me if I had a signature framework and at the time I didn't know what that was. So I thought about what the ideal process would look like for every single person who came to me wanting to unfuck their biz and I mapped it out. At the time it was five steps (it's now six) and I launched my first course in the fall of 2019. That first round I made $18,000 in my beta program and people really liked it. 

After that I had a videographer come to my house and we recorded the full course. I made it a $2,000 program and had 20 people join. And then we launched again and had 20 people join. I ended up having 75 people go through that iteration of the program. 

In 2021 I ended up pivoting after a step back in revenue. We ended up taking away UYB as a group program and we introduced Profit Rx, our group membership. It worked really well and brought in over $100,000 in revenue in the year and half we ran with that. Ultimately I decided people needed the accountability of a group program again. People liked that they could join whenever they wanted, but they weren't getting through it at the pace we wanted them to. 

Earlier this year, we went back to putting all the core tax and legal content into Unf*ck Your Biz and launched it as a group program again and made Profit Rx an ongoing accountability membership to help with bookkeeping and taxes and we're currently doing some experimenting with our existing members that's going to add to it and make it an off-the-wall bananas good value. More to come on that in the new year. In 2024 I'm also I'm locking down our offer structure, launch calendar and processes. 

Listening back on the book Clockwork, one of the concepts is having a core business promise. I decided our core brand promise is "Tax and legal solutions that don't suck." Solutions can be done-for-you solutions, courses, memberships, my book, our Contract Club, whatever it is you need. Not sucking can look different for different people. For some people it could be something you read if that's how they learn best. For others, it could be the cost that doesn't suck (hello $30 Contract Club). 

Our core values have always been fun, transparency and knowledge/education because we want business owners to be empowered. Unf*ck Your Biz is rich with education and at one point our Profit Rx textbook was 800 pages, but that's not fun for everyone. In 2024 I want to prioritize the not sucking part. For most people, learning all of that would be helpful but not fun and doesn't make them excited to join the program. 

With all that said, we decided to turn Unf*ck Your Biz into a signature high-level, high-value, done-for-you, 1-on-1 service meaning you don't need to go through 800 pages of course materials if you don't want to, though you'll still get my book and our 6 module course with 50+ educational videos, but that all becomes optional now, we'll only recommend the videos that you'll need to go through to be helpful before our 1:1 calls. 

To learn all the ins and outs of what you get with Unf*ck Your Biz, visit unfuckyourbiz.com

Inside the program you'll get: 

  • The Full Course
  • Bookkeeping Setup + Catchup
  • Tax Strategy
  • Tax Return
  • Unf*ck It Strategy Call
  • Contract Audit + Redraft -
  • Trademark Quickie Search
  • Legal Compliance Audit
  • Business Formation
  • Custom Cash Flow Strategy

Beyond a full-on book, audiobook, professionally-edited 40+ lesson course, guides, bonus courses, and templates, where UYB truly delivers is with the next level support through… A full series of 1-on-1 support calls when needed, messaging access, and truly done-for-you services. This is valued at $7,500 but for the first round we're charging only $3,000. You can opt for a 3-month payment plan of $1000/month or buy it outright at $3,000, we do not charge extra for the payment plan. I'm actually encouraging payment plans because it's giving us a head start on our 2024 revenue goal since we already hit our 2023 revenue goal and two of the three payments will hit after the new year. 

We are  only taking 20 clients at this initial rate at this time. We won't be opening the doors for another few months, likely at a higher price point. If you want to join, you'll want to do it now at unfuckyourbiz.com. The doors close December 14th and we're getting started with our intro calls right away and UYB officially kicks off on the 18th. 

Have questions about the program? The best way to ask is to DM me on Instagram @notavglaw.



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