343 - Filing multiple trademarks for one business with Destini Copp

On today's episode I talk with Destini Copp about her three trademarks across multiple businesses. 

We filed 3 trademarks for Destini across her multiple businesses. Destini started her first business, DestiniCopp.com in 2018 teaching marketing through courses. The first trademark we filed for Destini was for this personal brand. We filed a second trademark for Helping Content, her Shopify store selling over 200 courses. Her third trademark we filed was for Hobby Scool, a separate business. 

While they are all under the same LLC, Destini will need to separate out Hobby Scool when she plans to sell just that company which she'd like to do within the next two years. 

Destini had already built and established the marketing and customer journeys for Destini Copp and Hello Content when she started Hobby Scool from scratch. Hobby Scool was grown using virtual summits around different hobbies like gardening and art. By getting in front of the speakers' audiences, Destini was able to grow the Hobby Scool email list. This then ties into Destini's other businesses as people begin to want to monetize their hobby. 


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