342 - Answering Your Legal and Tax Questions (Part 2)

On today's episode of the podcast I'm answering even more of your questions from inside my Facebook group, Braden's Besties. If you missed last week's episode, head back to episode 341 for the answers to even more legal and tax questions. 

When you join my free Facebook group, Braden's Besties, we ask if you have any legal or tax questions and today I'll be diving into some of those. If you like this Q&A episode format, send us a DM @notavglaw and we may just make this a monthly thing.   


Questions answered during this episode include: 

1. What's the best way for legal and tax purposes to set up as a sole prop that runs multiple businesses, one of which could be an LLC, others are just misc. smaller income streams i.e. if I sell online, have a subscription service, etc.?

2. To cancel a contract, such as the one I made using the Contact Club videos, do I need to provide a valid reason?

3. I'm moving to a project-based model rather than an hourly model, how do I deal with refunds or postponement?

4. What is the best payroll app for small business?

5. How do I not pay taxes? 

6. I did spend a lot of money this year on a business but haven't yet filed the LLC, how much time do I have in 2024 to file an LLC in order to claim these expenses?

7. If I don't make a ton of money in my business just yet, do I still need to pay quarterly taxes? 

Check out our blog post "The Ultimate Tax Guide for Creative Small Business Owners"

8. What website and email contracts do I need? 

9. Does your information generally work for Canadians?

10.  How can I open an LLC as a non-US resident? 

Form your LLC using our course, Legally Launched available at notavglaw.com 

11. What is the best thing you can do to get the most out of tax time as a small business owner?


If you like this episode (or don't) slide into our DMs @notavglaw on Instagram and let us know so we can give you more of the episodes you enjoy. 


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