310 - October Profit Report

On today's episode of the podcast I'm sharing my October profit report and upcoming November goals. 

To kick off my profit reports I recap my goals for the year which, if you've been listening since the beginning of the year, you know sometimes pivot as the year goes on but as I read them each month, it makes me think how I can come up with more aligned goals in 2024. 

Big goals for 2023

1. Consistent $20,000 months by Q4. We've done really well with this one, we've hit it a lot more than I thought we would. We've had a few dips, like January, July and September. In October we ended up with $19,800 which I'm going to round up and consider a win. 

2. Get MRR to $20,000 by end of year. Kind of through this one away mid-year when we pivoted some offers away from MRR in favor of some new programs we're running.

3. Get expenses under 35%. → Year-to-date we're at 43%. I've made the new goal 40% which I think is still a stretch because we had really high expenses in the month of October and would require Nov. and Dec. to be pretty lean which we could maybe do because a lot of Wedding MBA in November has been pre-paid and should make the money at the event this month which caused inflated expenses in previous months. 


What Happened in October

  • Affiliate Contest - We had high hopes for this because we told our partners about it two months in advance and expected to double our affiliate payouts in October with low ticket offers but that did not end up gaining traction. 
  • Prepping for big launch - Happening end of November, early December
  • Prepping for Wedding MBA
  • ABC - I was in Puerto Rico for the Association of Bridal Consultants conference


October Projections vs. Actual

Low Ticket: $3,000 (big goal, closer to $1,500 to $2,000 if people don't get in on the affiliate push) → 1,300

UYB: $1,200 → $800

PRx: $4,000 → $3,800

Legal: $8,000 (3ish trademarks and a couple LLCs) → $2,700

Tax Filing: $2,500 → $6,000

Consults: $0 → $1,000

Total: $18,700 → $19,800



Team contractors: $305 (includes copywriting and VA work)

Employee wages: $2,700 ($1,000 up from last month)

One-off contractor: $1,500 (This was the second of two installments so I can finally tell you this was for an AI tool for the Contract Club that allows you to answer a series of ~10 questions and then auto-generate you a client contract made for you)

Owner wages: $2,900

Tax: $2,500

Monthly tools: $430

Marketing expenses: $1,500 (a lot of stuff to take to Wedding MBA)

Other: $3,000 (includes a few auto-billing issue refunds, Vegas hotels and affiliate payouts)



Total revenue: $19,800

Expenses: $10,800 (over 50% of revenue so very high for us)

Profit: $9,000

Owner salary: $5,300

Business profit: $3,500


November projections

Low ticket sales: $6,000 (we'll be selling at our Wedding MBA booth)

Unf*ck Yor Biz: $3,800 (contingent on us pre-selling a few folks at Wedding MBA)

Profit Rx: $4,000

Legal services: $4,000

Tax services: $4,000

Consultations: $0

Total: $21,800


Our launch revenue should technically hit in December.


Our good, better best goals for 2023 are:

Good: $200k, Better: $250k, Best: $300k. If we hit this November revenue goal we'll only need $14.8k in December which should be pretty easy because that would make it our second lowest revenue month of the year and I'm projecting it to be our highest.


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