303 - 7 Legal Things Your Website Needs to Be Legally Compliant with MJ Segal

On today's episode of the podcast I chat with MJ Segal, Associate Attorney at Not Your Average Law Firm about website accessibility. 

To learn more about the seven legal things your website needs and how to be legally compliant, get all the details on our blog post at notavglaw.com/website-compliance

To summarize the aspects of legal compliance, you need a: 

1. Privacy Policy 

2. Cookies

3. Data Security

4. Accessibility

5.  Copyright

6.  Spam Laws

7. Program Terms


Get all the details about what you need at notavglaw.com/website-compliance. MJ and I can also create all of these for you as part of our legal membership for just $200/month. Learn more at notavglaw.com/legalrx


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