271 - The Law Firm is Open!

On today's episode of the podcast I am officially releasing all the details about the launch of my law firm 🥳

Launching my law firm has been a thought for quite a while but I made a firm decision to move forward with this in late fall of 2022 and then I got the ball rolling during my company's quiet weeks during the holiday week end of 2022. We did the branding in January and now today we are doing the launch party (12pm EST/9am PST). It will be great or it was great depending on when you're reading this. 

Before we dive into the details, let me give you a little background on how we got here. I started my first law firm after getting my J.D. and my Masters in Tax to become a tax attorney. My first firm was called Braden Drake Law. In my second year of business I was introduced to the online education space which is when I launched my first course, Legally Launched. I knew I wanted to transition into the online education full time as soon as possible because I was not enjoying the legal work at that time. I was having imposter syndrome and didn't want to take many risks with helping clients with sticky situations. I did one hour consultations with a few a week at $150 for the hour. About six months in I went to a mastermind retreat and everyone looked at me like I had five heads charging that price and they convinced me to double the rate. 

I was doing some LLC formation and some contract drafting and that was really it while I was wrapping up my course work which I launched in April of 2019. I then launched the first round of Unf*ck Your Biz in the Fall of 2019 and had an $18,000 launch and then my next launch was $40,000 four to five months later and I closed the law firm in mid-2020. 

I've been itching to get back to it. I really enjoy getting people get out of legal pickles. By just offering my membership, people come to me for help but I can only do so much because we can't draft letters for our members because that would be providing legal services to our members which we can't do since we're no longer a law firm. 

Our membership also offers a lot of tax stuff. We now have a bookkeeper and tax preparer inside the Profit Rx membership to help but we also have people who want to hire us to do their tax prep and bookkeeping and these are services we started offering last year. I saw this as an opportunity to combine these services into one business since I'm often hearing a) accountant horror stories and b) that business owners talk to their attorney who tells them to talk to their accountant and on top of that that's assuming you're able to afford to work with both. 

So I'm reopening my law firm to not only offer one-on-one services but fold in bookkeeping, tax consulting, tax prep and legal services all within one business. Introducing: Not Your Average Law Firm Not Avg Law for short. I'll also be doing trademark services of simple trademarks aka if your trademark seems competitive or a little dicey I'll refer you out to another trademark attorney. 

Our bookkeeping service starts at $400/month and we'll also have a legal subscription for $200/month to help you navigate client horror stories. This allows you to email us with legal questions as you have them and up to 5 pages per month of legal drafting or review i.e. a demand letter for a client who won't pay, a cease and desist for someone ripping off your content. You can combine both services into one $500/month membership. My goal is to get 20 founding members in the next week. 

While this is geared at business owners at the six figure revenue marker and up, anyone can join. The higher your volume of clients, the more likely you are to experience clients who are being difficult. I've already had one subscriber tell me that they were feeling more relaxed and confident with their upcoming launch knowing they had Not Your Average Law Firm in their back pocket. 

To give you the run down, we're going to have two separate businesses moving forward and this is for legal reasons. We can't do one-on-one services in our education business, we can't do contract templates in the law firm, so we keep them separate. We'll continue with our amazing $30 mini courses and the Profit Rx membership at bradendrake.com where I'll also be doing a mini launch right now to reopen the doors to Profit Rx today for 10 new members for just $100/month which includes a one-on-one onboarding call. You can join that at theprofitrx.com

In the law firm, we'll be doing the legal and bookkeeping subscriptions and then one-on-one Half and Full VIP days where we do LLC formations, contract updates, bookkeeping set-up, and more. To learn more and sign up visit https://notavglaw.com/

Questions? Send a DM to @bradenadamdrake on the 'gram. 



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