265 - Preparing 1099s - Who Gets One, How to Send Them, and When They're Due

On today's episode of the podcast I'm breaking down what you need to know about 1099s including the way to determine if you need to send them, who gets them, and how to send them. 

But first, a quick not. Now in my business we are now observing quiet weeks twice a year - Christmas time through New Year's and around July - to give myself and my employees a break from team and client meetings as much as possible during these weeks. We still will continue to check Facebook group approvals and our support email off and on throughout those weeks. 

While you might not be thinking about 1099s right now, you should be. In fact, right now is so much the time you should be thinking about it that I put this episode out today, ahead of my 2022 year in review episode so you can get started taking care of your 1099s. A lot of people don't think about it until their oh-shit moment happens the last week of January and then it's typically too late to get them out. 

Every year now I update my pillar blog post about 1099s to help you get ready to send them out in the New Year. If you need to send 1099s this year (or aren't sure if you need to) you'll definitely need to check out the 1099 blog post to get access to my 1099 flow chart to help you decide if you need to send them out, who gets one, and how to send them. 



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