244 - 5 emails, $2,400, with a 500 person email list - How Brandi Johnson Sold Her First Course

On today's episode of the podcast I interview my friend Brandi Johnson of Brandeis Nicole Style.

Brandi is a personal stylist and confidence coach who works with clients to help them get dressed easily, quickly, and effortlessly without sacrificing comfort while promoting body confidence. In 2019 Brandi was a fellow member of Digital Course Academy to learn how to launch courses for her business. 

When Brandi joined she was working a full time job and wasn't sure if the time commitment was for her. For Brandi, she felt the content was paced out in a way that she could keep up with and catch up on the replays around her work travel schedule. 

Part of the process of joining for Brandi was developing her course topic. With a background in education, Brandi knew she wanted to create a signature course but wasn't sure how to get people to it. 

Brandi started really low ticket with her course, ran zero ads and sent it to her email list of 500 and her social media audience. She had 150 people open the email and 49 people purchase the course at $47. A notorious procrastinator, Brandi forced herself to have a short sales window of 5 days before cart close and to push herself to keep promoting. 

When coming up with course topics and brainstorming what you want to educate on, start writing down every question people ask you. What are people coming to you to learn about? 

Having a course does not mean you can no longer offer 1:1 services. In fact, having a solely course-based business is not often advised and can be a risk to make the immediate jump into that, especially if you're leaving a full time job to move into courses. 

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