187 - $10k in 10 Days

Recently I was listening to Rachel Rodgers' audiobook, "We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman's Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power" and was inspired to do her $10k in 10 days challenge. This peaked my interested because I am working on a goal of $30,000 months in my business. I encourage you to look at your financial goals - income, retirement, vacations, etc. and what does that look like per day, week, month, etc. What may seem like a lot of money per month may not be as much as you think once you subtract expenses, taxes and savings. To break down my $10k in 10 Days Challenge, I ended with $9,741. Here's how I did it: My first few offers were not a hit which was scary at first. Then I got the idea for a new offer: LLC in a day. An offer is anything that you are selling and I decided to sell a 1:1 session with me to get you completely set up with your LLC. I put that out there via my email list. It's $1,000 and I booked 2. A couple days in I reevaluated, I thought LLC in a day would be my ticket to $10k. I revisited the idea and offered Tax in a Day. This includes calculating your quarterly taxes, figuring out what you should be paying yourself, setting up a system for all of this. It's the money side of the business. I put this out and got a lot more interest. I had 5 people sign up for this at a rate of $1,000. This brought in an additional $5,000 bringing us to $7,000 The additional $2.741 came from 1:1 hour-long strategy sessions, my online course sales and my alumni membership. My biggest takeaway was that people want to get things done quickly when it comes to legal and tax stuff which is why my tax/LLC in a day was so popular. This does present a challenge for me because I want everyone to be able to maintain these aspects of their business moving forward. These 6 hour VIP days are going to stick around so if you missed it, don't worry, you can still book! I'm going to start them at $2,000 with four slots a month and it will cover tax and legal in the session. The other idea I had was offering a VIP day for brand new business owners. This is tricky because for some, they've set aside money to start the business and spend money on services like this, for others, this is a lot trickier. If you're interested in trying this with a group VIP day, send me an Instagram DM today because I am starting this on August 17.


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