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I've been whippin' up some solutions to help business owners make more profit, pay less taxes, and protect that profit with solid legal foundations. I can help you in a few ways.

🙌  Get Started With:

     👊 My Book

     👊 The $30 Contract Vault

     👊 Our $10 Bookkeeping Template

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     👊 Profit Rx - the membership

     👊 Money Md - the done-for-you service

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Hi! I'm Braden.

I'm a tax attorney. That means I operate where law and tax collide. Pretty cool, right?

Myself and my team of bookkeepers, our Client Success Manager, and tax specialists work to give you the comprehensive solutions you've been looking for.

We do that through...

... a do-it-yourself (with support) membership, Profit Rx

... and/or a done-for-you, 1-on-1 service, Money Md.

Your prescription to build a healthy & wealthy business.

Profit Rx is a monthly membership. It's a do-it-yourself or a done-with-you solution. 

Profit Rx is ideal for:

  • Business owners not financially ready to fully outsource their finances, &
  • Entrepreneurs who want to roll of their sleeves and learn to do the dirty work before outsourcing.

Your on-demand money doctor.

Monthly Md is a monthly, done-for-you bookkeeping and business finance consulting service with option tax prep and tax strategy. 

We diagnose your profit plan, and then we guide you through it.

Money Md is ideal for business owners near, at, and above $150,000 in annual revenue who are ready to offload the finances and-up level their businesses.


At a glance:

Profit Rx



  • Access to the 4 Module, Profit Rx course, Tax Playbook Course, Client Cure, and Resource Roundup
  • Weekly co-working and bookkeeping office hours + monthly Q&As with Braden
  • Access to the following courses upon complete of the core modules: Profitable Systems, Happy Hiring, and Finance Formula.

Money Md

$400 - $600*


  • Access to everything in Profit Rx.
  • An assigned bookkeeper for done-for-you monthly bookkeeping, 
  • 6 months of 1-on-1 P&L review meetings (quarterly thereafter)
  • Optional upgrade to Money Md + Tax to include tax prep & tax planning,

*pricing also dependent on sales volume.


Emily, Owner of Anna Delores Photography

"I do a lot of educational courses online and other things and there's nothing like this that I've come across. Anything I've taken up until this point hasn't, I feel like added nearly as much value to my business as this single program."

Crystal, Owner of Crystal Lilly Creative

Last year, I took Braden’s program, and it was hands down the best money I have spent on my business in the year. It set me up for success in 2020, which was truly a bananas year in the industry. It gave me the solid cash flow systems I needed to make it through.

Ally, Owner of Gizbow Creative

I feel so much more confident in running my business. I went from literally knowing nothing and hesitate on even starting my business because of my lack of knowledge to filing my own LLC, creating a cashflow system and saving for taxes!


(Or other ways to work with us?)

This link will ask you to setup an account with us. It's quick, I promise. Then, you can submit a questionnaire, which we will review to either schedule a free consult call or give our recommendation on your next best step.