Let's Get to Work!

My goal is to help business owners make more profit, pay less taxes, and protect that profit with solid legal foundations. I can help you in a few ways:

🙌 The Profit Rx Membership

🙌 The Contract Vault

🙌 1-on-1 VIP Days

Scroll on down for the details on each.


Profit Rx

Your prescription to build a healthy  & wealthy business through legal, tax, and finance trainings, resources, and strategies.

It's my signature program ideal for creative small business owners anywhere from...

... $0 in revenue looking for a first client, to

.... $200,000ish in annual revenue who feel that their backend of the business is on par with their marketing acumen, to

... one million+ in revenue who want to make sure they're hiring the right people and to know enough to make sure those people are doing good work.

Members also get access to work with me 1-on-1 as well as recommended and trusted legal, tax, HR, and finance professionals.

Access all 12 of my programs, including Profit Rx for $30/month. Includes trainings on...

👊 Contracts, hiring, trademarks, LLCs, and S Corps;

👊 Tax, bookkeeping, and finance;


Get all my templates in one place for $30.

👊 Client service agreements;

👊 Contracts for educators;

👊 Contractor agreement & more.


1-on-1 VIP Days

In short, a VIP day is a longer format consultation (typically 1.5 to 3 hours) where we knock out specific objectives in one go.

Availability is first allocated to Profit Rx members.