Let's Get to Work!

My goal is to help business owners make more profit, pay less taxes, and protect that profit with solid legal foundations. I can help you in a few ways:

🙌 The Legally Launched and Totally Taxed Workshops;

🙌  The Unf*ck Your Biz Book; and

🙌 Seasonal 1-on-1 VIP days.

Scroll on down for the details on each.


Unf*ck Your Biz - The Book.

A step-by-step framework to get your legal & tax shit legit. It's the book the book we all needed when we started with added tips to untangle some of the messes that may need some cleaning up.


Financials feeling' a little fuzzy?  Take the Totally Tax workshop. It's a one hour training with guides and templates to help you:

💰 Learn what you can deduct in your business;

💰 The simplified spreadsheet method to track those deductions; and

💰 And how and how much to start saving for taxes.


What are the absolute essential steps to get your business Legally Launched? Take this quick training to learn the steps, specifically:

👊 What the layers of protection are for your business;

👊 How to restructure your contracts to get and stay paid;

👊 How to properly setup your sole prop and when to upgrade to an LLC (or S Corp).


Become a VIP!

I do VIP days on a seasonal basis. These are 2-4 hour consultations where we work together on Zoom to knock out  tasks that have been lingering  too long on your to-do list.

VIP days start at $1,500 and ideal for business owners who don't mind investing for quick results with personalized help.

Tax in a Day

LLC in a Day

On a Tax in a Day call, we can:

💰 Dig into your financials and chat about profit targets;

💰 Discuss how much your should be saving for taxes;

💰 Go over cash flow essentials & how much to pay yourself

💰Set up bookkeeping and payroll systems.

On an LLC in a Day call, we can:

👊 Discuss pros/cons of sole props, LLCs, and S Corps, and which you should form;

👊 Form the LLC by filing with your state filing serve;

👊 Draft operating agreement and minutes minutes;

👊 Discuss next steps like business licenses, EINs, bank accounts, and more.

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Not sure on your next best step? Start by getting your personal profit plan.

If you have questions on any of these options, click the Instagram icon below & shoot me a message.