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Creating a refund-proof contract. And what to do if you need to make changes.

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Your contract is the number one tool at your disposal to make sure:

  • You get paid on time;
  • You don't get screwed over when a client wants to cancel, postpone, or in any other way change the services;
  • You are protected in court; and
  • You don't lose (too much) sleep at night over that pain in the ass client


I want to help you get your contract in tip-top shape, but my method is an unusual one because...


Traditional Contract Templates Stores Suck

Most template shops charge by the contract. $400 for this type of photography, $400 for that type, and on and on. Some even charge for one off provisions.

Some business owners have even told me that they have bought one contract provision. When it needed updating, they had to buy another one. Gross.

I wanted to create a solution that wouldn't nickel and dime you for every single document. Because the reality is, you'd likely just not buy ones that you really need.


You Need More Than You Think

A great client contract is the cornerstone of your legal protection, but what about cancellation agreements, postponement agreements, NDAs, addendums, and contractor agreements, just to mention a few?

Why not get and every one and have them on hand for when you need them?


Most Traditional Attorneys Don't Understand Your Business

Have you ever tried to explain your business to a family member and they just stare at you or give the "awe that's cute look?" It's the worst.

These people are clueless about your business. Most attorneys aren't much different. And if they don't get your business they can't write a thorough contract. 


You'll Need at Little a Little Bit of Support

Even with a super solid contract, you're going to have some questions. I want to provide you with opportunities to ask those questions.


So what's my solution?

It's a hybrid of a course and contract template store. You get my full bank of contract templates along with tutorial videos on how to use them. 

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So what are the details?

I share them all in my free masterclass below.

And I know, I can already hear you now. "Braden, I don't have time to sit through a damn webinar."

I get it.

When you register, you'll be automatically redirected to the masterclass, and below the video will be the full sales page with all the details you need to make a decision.

BUT, if you take the time to watch the masterclass, I promise you won't regret it.

Creating a refund-proof contract. And what to do if you need to make changes.


What you will learn...

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Key provisions your contract needs

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Handling tough client convos and cancellations

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Deposits or retainers? How to setup your payments

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