Book a VIP Day

In short, a VIP day is a longer format consultation (typically 1.5 to 3 hours) where we knock out specific objectives in one go. Here's the different types of VIP days I currently offer...

LLC in a Day


👊 Discuss & complete the first 9 Steps in my Small Biz Blueprint

👊 Discuss when you may be S Corp ready in the future

👊 Create action plan for you to complete the remaining steps in the Blueprint.

Cost: $1,000.

S Corp in a Day

We do the S Corp after the LLC in a Day.


File S Corp election

🥳 Discuss salary & setup payroll

🥳 Create a plan for owner profit distributions.

Read up more on S Corps here.

Cost: $500

Tax Return in a Day


✅ Discuss deductions and complete your full year of bookkeeping

✅ Complete your self-filed tax return with my help

✅ Discuss tax strategy moving forward

Cost: $1,500

Biz Finance in a Day


  • Review books and chat about the P&L
  • Discuss & create your ideal Profit Recipe
  •  Strategize the best cash flow management system (when/how to pay yourself, etc).

Cost: $1,000

Contract in a Day

I encourage most people to just grab the contract vault and start there. If you want my help to complete and fine tune the templates from there, we can book a VIP day. I don't provide reviews of existing contracts.

Cost: $1,000

Get Started

I offer a limited number of VIP days per month and roll out availability first to Profit Rx members at member's-only rates. The program covers all objectives mentioned above so I encourage you to check it out.

If you want to quickly knock out some work together. No prob! 

Shoot me an at [email protected]. Let me know which type of VIP Day you'd like to schedule, and I will reply with availability.