3 legal & tax mistakes

made by creative entrepreneurs

& how you can avoid them.

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Unf*ck Your Biz

Kick anxiety around legal & tax stuff, overwhelm on what-to-do-when questions, and the large hourly bill from a stuffy, corner-office attorney to the curb.

If you're . . .

. . . someone who’s killin it in your creative biz but aren't feeling so confident about your legal and tax status . . .

. . .  wanting to make sure your legal and tax ducks are in a nice and tidy row . . .

. . . done feeling like you may be missing something or like you're 1 second away from getting your ass sued . . .

. . . totally overwhelmed, stressed, and have #allthequestions  . . . 

. . . then it's time to unf*ck your biz.

So I'll spare you the sales pitch on why you need to legally protect your business.

You already know that business can be risky. Failure to meet certain obligations can lead to fees and fines, and you have affirmative responsibilities as a business owner.

BUT STILL. No one teaches us tax basics and even most business classes (if you have taken them) skip over the formation steps.

You have expertise in your area - probably in multiple areas - but you can’t know everything. Googling for 38 hours is a poor investment of your time, and putting your trust in some online filing service is like putting your trust in the Tooth Fairy. You're in for a big let down.

Here's what you might not know about your legal & tax sitch

It's totally possible to fully understand how your business is legally operating, what your obligations are, and what deadlines you need to meet. This doesn't require a law degree or a ton of time. Once you get starting unf*cking your biz, you can . . .

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Get off the WTF-happened-to-my money hamster wheel

It’s natural for us to increase expenses as we increase our income. New client, new software. New sale, yay! Time for that retreat! The more money you make, the easier it is to take on new expenses . . . but you also have to consider taxes, how much you're paying yourself, and all that not so exciting stuff.

How great would it be to rein it in, have a budget for business expenses, and actually put more money in your pocket through a simple, automated, and specific-to-you process?

Avoid the dreaded mailbox panic

Wouldn’t it be great to just know when a certain document or payment is due? No need to worry about letters appearing in your mailbox from different agencies telling you that you owe late fees for something you never knew about in the first place.

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Stop relying on others who aren't prioritizing your biz

When you have the information you need, you don't have to rely on an accountant or attorney to send you updates. Instead, you’d have the knowledge to take the necessary steps to keep your business up to speed. Plus, you’d be able to do this with minimal time investment on your part. 

When you are ready to outsource, you'll feel like the true CEO of your business. You'll be able to oversee that work is being done correctly, obligations are being met, and that you're making smart investments in the right areas.

Protect yourself and your business

Instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop, or instead of feeling like you’re not doing something right… you’ll know what you need to do to unf*ck your biz, stay on the “right side of the law,” and protect yourself. Taxes and legal shit aren’t things you want to mess around with, but you CAN get on track with the right help.

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Feel empowered to be the boss

You don’t need to get a full-on law degree to do all of this.  I lived my Elle Woods life so I could pass on my knowledge to you — you don't need to incur the student loans to do it, too. Soon, you’ll know why you're making certain decisions and how to manage your business. That means knowing what licenses you need and when they need to be updated.

Although the reasons to legally protect your biz are obvious,

the path to doing it in a streamlined manner is anything but.

Here's how I have seen creatives & entrepreneurs tackle the legal formation and tax sides of their business:

1. They just don't,

This leads to stress and late fees, and they stay on that constant WTF-happened-to-my-money hamster wheel.

2. They DIY,

They save some money but don't have the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything has been done correctly.

3. They go with a service like Legal Zoom,

They overpay for certain services, don't get other stuff they need, and don't get educated on WTF is even happening.

The obvious solution to these problems

is to hire an attorney, BUT here's the deal . . . 

As a creative entrepreneur, you might not have the funds to do that.

You also might not know a professional you can trust.

Or you’ve just got other things to do with that money.

That’s why I created an alternative that gives more guidance and education than LegalZoom but won’t break the bank. My hope is to provide a clear path to get your legal and tax shit legit to...

save you time, money, and worry… and to set you up for success.

It’s easy to see why we resort to those other methods: We don’t know what we don’t know, right?

But here’s the thing: those other methods are probably gonna leave you with more questions. You’re definitely not going to feel like a damn #bossbitch when you’re done. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

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A step-by-step course designed for entrepreneurs just like YOU who want the DL on how to...

  • unf*ck their biz
  • build proper systems
  • secure that bag
  • not get sued or audited


I’ve boiled down everything I’ve learned from law school, tax school, over 200 hours of one-on-one work helping small business creatives form their businesses, 40+ speaking engagements, and 3 previous group programs to create this step-by-step course to help you unf*ck your biz.

That’s, like, a lot. And I can promise you...

UFYB is the only course that will . . .

(1) Help you avoid mailbox panic

(2) Get you off the WTF-happened-to-my-money hamster wheel

(3) Help you determine if/when/who you should hire to tackle legal & tax shit in your biz

(4) Arm you with the info (and confidence) you need to be a kickass CEO

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The UFYB Course Promise

UFYB is perfectly streamlined to help you learn what you need to know, check off all the boxes, and finally feel like the boss you are.

Everything you’ll learn in the UFYB program has been meticulously organized to reduce confusion and maximize your time.

By the end of this 10-week program, you will have your biz formed, licenses in hand, and know what you need to do month-to-month & year-to-year.


Now that you know what you’ll get OUT of the UFYB program… here's what you’ll get INSIDE it:

When you join UFYB, you get access to 5 modules, 35+ video lessons, 20+ step-by-step video tutorials, and a full course textbook — it’s legit a textbook (but like, in a fun, non-scary way - I promise), weighing at 470+ pages! 

You’ll get a course outline, and task list on a shared Trello board to keep you on track, and a members-only Facebook group. We also have twice-weekly calls where you’ll connect with other students on the content and ask me questions.


 The UFYB Framework

The Unfuck Your Biz Framework was developed to guide you from key concepts to business structures, contracts to taxes and bookkeeping, to (last but not least) systems and implementation. Based on what I’ve learned from working with entrepreneurs, this program is designed to make it EASY for you to unf*ck your biz.

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The UFYB Plan

What you get in UFYB

Warning: this is where it gets very infomercial-ly. Like "Buy now and get 94 other things plus free shipping!" Or I tell you that UFYB is like a $20,000 value. But friend, bullshit really isn't my jam. So let me break down what you will be getting and why I truly believe it's a killer value.

Join before your offer expires to get

BONUS #5...

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Have you ever had a client that wouldn't pay? Or maybe one that thought they could call, text, or DM whenever they wanted? Or maybe you've dealt with intellectual property issues? 

The key to each of these issues, and more, is to address your policies and procedures in your contracts.

And, while it doesn't have to be that difficult, you DO need a bank of CUSTOMIZED contract templates for your clients, contractors and business.

That's why Unf*ck Your Contracts provides a bank of templates with various options that you can use, with training, to customize the documents you need.

Unf*ck Your Contracts includes:

  • Client contract templates
  • Contractor agreement
  • Cancellation, postponement, and release agreements
  • Privacy policy, web terms, and more

Total Value - $5,000

Actual cost of UFYB . . .



You can join before your offer expires for



You can join Unf*ck Your Biz at anytime for $2,497 and get each of the first four bonuses, but you must join within your 5 day window to get:

  • The early bird rate of $1997, and

  • Access to Unf*ck Your Contracts


Choose your payment preference to register for Unf*ck Your Biz. Looking forward to meeting you in the program!

UFYB - LTO Full Payment

$1,997.00 USD
UFYB 6 Payments

6 monthly payments of $387.00 USD

Want a sample?

Here is an excerpt from the course textbook — just 1 of the 35 lessons in the program.

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Curious what else is in the textbook?

Check out this video a quiz screen-share of the content.


Kind Words from UFYB Graduates

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Emily, Anna Delores Photography

"I do a lot of educational courses online and other things and there's nothing like this that I've come across. Anything I've taken up until this point hasn't, I feel like added nearly as much value to my business as this single program." In the program, Emily formed her LLC and s corp and started implementing cash flow strategies while hiring on employees. "

I finished 2019 with revenue of around $180,000. Right now and moving forward I’m really going to be working on my cash flow and reducing expenses. This year, I plan to make about $30,000 more, but I’m onboarding associate photographers as employees. The goal is to actually take home more money myself while also working less."

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Amanda, Sassy Little Bee

“Got help today to file all my back taxes . . . and I’m following up to get on a payment plan. And with that, plus all the new accounting system knowledge and bookkeeping plans, I feel pretty f*cking unf*cked! (I could look at the amount I owe as a shitty burden, but I don’t feel that way at all. I feel relief that I’ve gotten all the back taxes filed and I’m already saving to pay it off, and I’m super excited to put new systems/plans into action so I don’t ever end up in that position again.”

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Kristy, VA for a Day

"I cannot believe that just filed my taxes in like just a couple of hours. I have been having so much anxiety about this for literally a year, and I have been avoiding it for so long that it has just stressed me out day after day . . . I am so grateful for you because your course just helped me file my taxes . . . and it was quick and painless & easy, and I used all of your templates, and all of your lessons, like every step of the way, and it was SO HELPFUL.


Choose your payment preference to register for Unf*ck Your Biz. Looking forward to meeting you in the program!

UFYB - LTO Full Payment

$1,997.00 USD
UFYB 6 Payments

6 monthly payments of $387.00 USD

Are you ready to earn your #adulting trophy?

and take the steps you need to get your legal & tax shit legit?

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Are you ready to go from feeling

stressed, overwhelmed, unsure, and in the dark . . .

To feeling confident, legit, and at ease?

AND have the backend of your business is running on auto?

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nodding vigorously yet?


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Then join the party.

In 10 weeks time, you'll be ready to pop some champagne and celebrate with us.

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Still not sure if UFYB would be a great fit for you?

Take this 5 question quiz to see how well your business aligns with a graduate of UFYB. You'll see why they signed up and what they got out of the program.

Choose your payment preference to register for Unf*ck Your Biz. Looking forward to meeting you in the program!

UFYB - LTO Full Payment

$1,997.00 USD
UFYB 6 Payments

6 monthly payments of $387.00 USD


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