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If you’re a newly full-time entrepreneur, someone who’s been killin it in your creative biz, or someone who is still debating leaving the 9-5 looking to achieve peace of mind that your tax ducks are in a nice and tidy row while instead feeling like you may be missing something or are overwhelmed by the process, then you already know that you may need some more specific direction on where to go next.

So I'll spare you the sales pitch on why you need to get your tax shit together.

After all, you likely already know that taxes can be scary and they're important. Failure to meet certain obligations can lead to fees and fines, and you have affirmative responsibilities as a business owner. BUT, No one teaches us tax basics. You have expertise in your area, probably in multiple areas, but you can’t know everything. Googling for 38 hours is a poor investment of your time, and handing your trust over to just anyone may not instill confidence that all the steps are being completed.

Avoid the Mailbox Panic

Wouldn’t it be great to just know when and how to pay your tax. You wouldn’t need to worry about letters appearing in your mailbox from different agencies telling you that you owe late fees for something you never knew about in the first place.

Stop Relying on Others Who Don’t Have Your Biz Top of Mind

You wouldn’t need to rely on your accountant to send you updates. Instead you’d have the knowledge to take affirmative steps to keep your business up to speed, and you’d be able to do this with minimal time investment on your part. 

Minimize Your Tax & Maximize Your Profits

Would you love to know all the deductions you could take in your biz to minimize your deductions!?

Be The Boss & Know What's Up

Ok, so I'm not expecting you to get a full on accounting degree. However, it is important to know why you're making certain decisions and how to manage your business. That means knowing how to manage your books and do your taxes.

Here’s how I have typically seen creatives tackle the tax part of their business. They either:

  • Just don’t do it, which leads to stress, late fees, and penalties; or
  • They DIY it and save some money but don’t have piece of mind everything has been done correctly, and they end up overpaying on their taxes or, even sometimes worse, they severally under pay and open themselves up to a scary audit.

The obvious solution to these problems is to hire a bookkeeping and tax pro, but here’s the deal. I have learned that many individuals just don’t have the funds to do that, they don’t know a professional they can trust, or they simply want to prioritize those funds on something else. Also, it's important to understand the basics before you outsource. That’s why I have been wanting to provide an alternative that gives more guidance and education than online services but won’t break the bank. My hope is to provide a clear path of what to do in what order to save you time, money, and worry, and set you up for success.


You have a business. Not a hobby.

If you’re providing a service and are receiving compensation in return, you have taxable income.  At that point, it’s to your benefit to treat your hustle as a business. You’re now an entrepreneur! Make this mindset shift to become the boss that you are, save some taxes on deductions, and get your biz legally legit.


You need to know the legal and tax stuff

I’m all about outsourcing, but here’s the thing. It’s to your benefit to know the basic legal requirements for your business and to understand the tax fundamentals. This will make you a savvy-er business owner who can be empowered to make smarter decisions in your business while relying less on others.


You totally can do it

Managing your biz finances is not all that complicated. Time is for sure money, so there's a time to outsource, but in the beginning, it's great to learn how to manage your finances.



I know that you likely didn’t get into business to think about tax. It’s not top of mind or even exciting. You’d probably rather be reading about Pinterest strategy, but you’re here for a reason. You’re either full on ready to do this thing, or you still know you need some guidance but have a few reservations. The market is starting to explode with done-for-you, online legal solutions and other DIY options. You may not be sure which is right or how necessary all of this is. You’re now a business owner. It’s time to get legit. And you can do this on your own with a little help from me. Together, we will untangle the complexities, drown out all the noise online about what you should do, and get your business headed in the proper direction.


I have taken all the knowledge I have learned through my law degree, my master’s in tax law, and one-on-one work helping small business creatives on their taxes and bookkeeping along with the research I gathered co-authoring the Small Business Startup Guide to create this step-by-step course to help you get your small biz finances in order. You will have a meticulous, guide that gives you all the necessary info you need and leaves out all the extra to check the boxes for compliance.

Totally Tax is the only program of its kind that:

1. Will help you avoid the mailbox panic;
2. Help you stop relying on others to keep your biz compliant; and
3. Arm you with the info you need to know to make your own decisions & protect your biz

So if you’re ready to get your taxes legit . . .

Here's how I'll help you get there:

TT is perfect for you if . . .

  • You're just getting started with your business and want to do things right; or
  • You're not sure if you're doing things correctly, so you want to troubleshoot and get up to speed to ensure peace of mind.

If you said yes to either of the above bullets, I can't wait to meet you inside of Totally Tax.

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