I could type a lot about the Tax Toolbox, but it's easier just to show you.

This is one of eight lessons from mini course.


How I Break it Down

Tax Basics

Everyone should know some tax basics. Like the differences between state income tax, federal income tax, sales tax, and self-employment tax, so first we break all that down.

Compliance Calendar

What are quarterly taxes? When do I pay them? What about all the other stuff? I hear you, and I'm giving you a Canva doc and a Google Calendar with your deadlines.

Save, Track, Pay

Once you know your obligations are and when, its time to get into the how much and how of it all, so I break it into three parts. Save. Track. Pay.

The Course

Altogether, the course includes one hour and 10 minutes of instructions. I made it as quick as possible because I know you don't want to learn about taxes all day. This is the absolute basics you need to know as a creative small business owner.