Say goodbye to:

😬 income inconsistency,

😬 tax anxiety, and

😬 legal panics.

Say hello to:

😎 profit &

😎 stability in your business & bank account.

Raise a finger if any of these sound like you . . .

  • Your odds solving true crime mysteries seem higher than the possibility of truly understanding your taxes;
  • You’re on the WTF-happened-to-my-money hamster wheel. You see the money coming in, but it seems to disappear before it touches your personal bank account.
  • You feel like - when it comes to financial planning, protecting your assets, business and intellectual property - you may as well consult a Magic 8 Ball cause' you just don't have a clue;

  • You aren’t sure how to handle difficult clients without bending over backwards and giving full refunds just to avoid a lawsuit.

I know you’re capable of achieving what you really want. Things like:


✅ Financial peace of mind in both business & life.

✅ Having a business that meaningfully contributes to your household expenses and your big audacious goals.

✅ Making profit driven decisions to make more $$$ in fewer hours while strategically moving towards your 3, 5, and 10 year goals.

✅ Feeling empowered to hold your own chatting with a pain-in-the-ass client, stuffy money pro, or the IRS if they ever come knocking.

Your solution . . . 

Profit Rx is a monthly, group coaching program. It's your step-by-step prescription to eliminate financial anxiety by building a healthy & wealthy business.


Your profit prescription is not just a quick fix. It’s a system of tasks, behaviors, and thoughts to build a profitable, sustainable business.

Here's my dream for you...

You move past the arbitrary income goals, like "I want to make $200,000." Instead, you ask, "why?" Maybe so that you can:

  • Take that dream vacation;
  • Pay off debts;
  • Finally make meaningful savings; or 
  • Just generally eliminate financial stress.

For each dollar that enters your business account, you know:

  • How much to save for taxes;
  • How much should go towards business expenses;
  • And what's left for you to put to work towards your goals.

You get rollin' with profit driven strategies that leave more $$$ for you, all while using solid legal strategies to protect those profits (and your peace of mind) as they grow.

And you can do this all without the large hourly bills from consultants, CFOs, lawyers, and tax pros who charge fat hourly fees to mansplain to you in a foreign language.

Hi! I'm Braden.

💅 California licensed attorney with a master’s degree in tax law

💅 Fellow small business owner

💅 Teacher to over 100 creative clients in my law firm and 250+ students in group coaching program/s.

💅 Host of the Unf*ck Your Biz Podcast and Author of Unf*ck Your Biz, the book.

💅 Speaker on more than 70 guest podcasts, virtual trainings, and in person speaking events.

After four years helping creative small business owners with their tax and legal needs, it became clear that ultimately, what we all want is a healthy and profitable business. I brought all my education and expertise into this one program to make in my mission to make that a reality for each of my students.

Inside Profit Rx, I'll walk you through the Profit Prescription Framework to help you:

✅ Reach industry based profit targets;

✅ Put more of your business income into your personal bank account;

✅ And get started reaching your personal goals . . .

All within one-year regardless of your level of business.

Here's your Profit Prescription...

To help you stay on track . . .

👊 You get video lessons, a full program textbook, along Google Docs, Sheets, and various support documents;

👊 At the end of each lesson, you have 2-3 clear objectives to check off before progressing;

👊 Weekly co-working and Q&A calls remove roadblocks and help you knock out tasks;

👊 Each step in the Profit Plan has assessments for you to submit homework and decisions for me to review.

Get a look at the program:

You can watch a full video lesson and download a sample of the program textbook.


Once you complete each step in the Profit Prescription, you will . . .

  • Feel empowered as the CEO of your own business to make key profit-driven financial decisions;
  • Know where each dollar you earn is going and how it’s help both you and your business grow;
  • Feel capable of managing both your internal and external team to run each aspect of your business.

And you will be ready, to finally, leap over your financial worries to build a healthy & wealthy business.




$225 Signup fee

  • Access to the first 5 steps of the Profit Plan
  • Cancel at anytime with no minimum commitment
  • Access to steps 6-10 in the Profit Plan after your first 6 months in the program.


I personally cannot wait to guide you over the coming months…

I wake up every morning excited to roll up my sleeves and help my people.

In the process, I have helped dozens of business owners shift from the constant confusion around legal and tax obligations to confidently knocking those tasks out and shifting focus to making strategic, profit driven decisions.

You owe it to yourself to do the same. We will dial in your long-term goals to help you focus on your short term objectives.

Inside of the Profit Rx, you will take real, tangible action to move your business forward, put more money in your personal bank account, and protect it with solid legal strategy.

Let's cheers to profit!

Emily, Owner of Anna Delores Photography

"I do a lot of educational courses online and other things and there's nothing like this that I've come across. Anything I've taken up until this point hasn't, I feel like added nearly as much value to my business as this single program."

Crystal, Owner of Crystal Lilly Creative

Last year, I took Braden’s program, and it was hands down the best money I have spent on my business in the year. It set me up for success in 2020, which was truly a bananas year in the industry. It gave me the solid cash flow systems I needed to make it through.

Ally, Owner of Gizbow Creative

I feel so much more confident in running my business. I went from literally knowing nothing and hesitate on even starting my business because of my lack of knowledge to filing my own LLC, creating a cashflow system and saving for taxes!

A bit more about your teacher...


I’ve done it. You can too.

By the time I got my bar results, I had a 480 credit score. Yikes. It was a struggle. I made $12,000 in my first year of business. In year 3, I generated, $70,000 year, but at  50% profitability, that left only about $25,000 after tax.

I felt like I could barely contribute to our household finances, which created personal stress, and a constant worry about whether I’d be able to able to stay self-employed while striving towards my bigger goals.

Around this time, I dug deep, focused on profit, prioritized paying myself, and built systems to serve each of these goals. Now, I’m paying myself a regular salary, and I want to help you do the same.'


Growing up, I always loved HGTV and art. I dabbled in graphic design with little success.

I taught myself to knit, poorly. I was a sales associate for West Elm where I had difficulty designing for anyone that had different taste from myself. I even once bought DSLR, shot on auto for a year, gave up and sold it.

Why do I tell you these things? I have many times tried and failed to be a "creative" myself.

While it doesn't take much talent to have a creative hobby, it definitely takes skill and practice to monetize a creative passion and turn it into a career.

By working with creatives, I am able to use my skill in law and tax while also vicariously working in the creative industry through all of you amazing creativepreneurs. That's why I love what I do.