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Does This Sound Familiar?

You sit down to file your taxes with your shoebox of receipts, docs with tax IDs saved in 8 different places, and no clue what you’re getting yourself into.

10 minutes in, you’re screaming, FUCKKKK!

Maybe you get the same feeling when you’re trying to figure out what documents you need to go open your business bank account, or how the hell you are supposed to tweak your contract (that’s been pieced together from 24 different resources) in order to make that change your client requested.

So you pop over to your favorite Facebook Group to ask your question.

You brace for the dumpster fire of comments from “experts” doling out advice that they got from who knows where.

You’re not sure which responses are credible, reasonable, and effective guidance.

You have exhausted your free resources.

  • Facebook wasn't helpful.
  • Uncle George doesn’t want to take your calls on this shit anymore
  • You don’t have the money to go see your cousin Jill’s awesome CPA or that dull attorney you met at a networking event a while ago.
  • Finally, you go to Google.
    • You try to find the best way to phrase your question, but you don’t know the industry lingo to even type it in right. You scroll through six pages of results, don’t find your answer, try a new question, and repeat the process.


Finally, you give up, drink your glass of wine, and go about business no knowing if whatever you have decided to do is remotely legit.

A week later you’re scrolling online. Some person says you should write off your entire car payment.

You think “maybe I should research that more.”

But you don’t have time to research that more, nor would you be positive that your search would yield the correct answer.

So you jot that down along with that question you had about the non-refundable deposit you have in paragraph six of your contract. 

A few days later, you remember that someone at a networking group mentioned quarterly taxes, so you whip out your notebook and write that down under your other two questions. You know that quarterly taxes are a thing, but you aren’t sure if you’re supposed to be paying them. 

This has all taken a total of about 5 minutes of your time.

A few days later you hop on a call with your legal gay best friend along with some other kickass entrepreneurs.

You ask your questions from that notebook.

You get answers, and you also learn some stuff from the other attendees you hadn’t even thought of asking about.

You walk away from a 30 minute call with all the answers that would have taken hours of research or hundreds of dollars in expert fees.

You feel relieved and ready to rock, and go about your business happy as a sea cucumber knowing that if more legal and tax questions pop up, you’ll just ask em on your next call in two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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