Don't let taxes be a drag. Get your finances in order without a ton of time or stress.


Finances are your inner saboteur, because...

Because you gotta pay up to avoid IRS hate mail.

Because you don't have a system to pay yourself & reap the rewards of your art & efforts

Because you're fearful of making a mistake or hiring the wrong person

Meet your Drag (Tax) Mother, Braden


I started my owner business in 2017 with a law degree, a bar license, and a master's in tax. Surprisingly, that wasn't enough to prepare me to even manage my own finances.

Through trial and error, I learned savvy tax strategies and developed a financial management system.

Since, I have helps hundreds of creatives, entertainers, and other business increase their take home pay and slay their money shit.

Ready for a financial makeover?

We can help.

1. Schedule a Call

2. Choose Your Path

3. De-Drag Your Finances



Start with our template

Start it all on your own. You can hire us down the road when the time is right.

  • Access our free spreadsheet template
  • Watch the tutorial video and follow the process
  • Upgrade to our option DIY course
  • And get your finances in order



Self-manage w/setup help

Get helping creating your own system with a one-time payment & consultation.

  • Start with a 1-on-1 strategy call with Braden
  • Allow us to fully setup your bookkeeping software & create an easy-to-follow process for you
  • We advise you on quarterly taxes and basic cash flow management
  • From there, you self-manage the books



Hand it all over to us

Fully outsource your books and tax consulting for a flat, monthly fee.

  • Start with a 1-on-1 strategy call with Braden
  • Full-service monthly bookkeeping
  • Quarterly check-in calls for advance tax savings strategy and profit optimization
  • Business entity formation

Tax Prep


Start with our template

Need some help with tax returns? We can do that too. Many of our clients come to us behind on taxes. The priority is getting you up-to-date on the returns and tax balances and then onboarded into our monthly bookkeeping services.

Book a call to learn more about this service or any others, and we can guide you to the right starting point.


Taxes are stressful.

Stress causes wrinkles. And filler isn't deductible. So save yourself the time & worry, and...

Know your own numbers

Get on a consistent payment schedule

Tell the IRS, "I am not the one mama."




You can reach me at [email protected] or via social media where I'm @dragtax on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.