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For my wedding photography contract, I spoke for a total of 6 hours with three experienced photographers who have edited and tweaked their own contracts over the years to address specifics for their niche. I do the same with every template. I also implement my knowledge from working with creatives, and I poll my audience to gather info on what they would like to see addressed.

Some of my contracts may be longer than what you're used to seeing. That's because I do my best to address all aspects of each agreement, so that you don't need to piece meal a document from four different sources or need to add your own language and be unsure that it's legally binding. But don't worry, I try to keep them straightforward and easy to follow.

If you want a little bit of help along the way, I got you. Grab your template. Then, join the FUNdamentals membership. If you do both, we can schedule a complementary 30 minute consult to answer any contract questions you have. After that, you can join our regular Q&As to tackle all your contract questions.

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I always want feedback. I can either add the contract to the store. Provide one specifically for you in my law firm, and recommend another place to buy it.



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